Banana Fruit Bunch Cover Blue Bag

flat measurement - 4' (122cm) X 2'3" (72cm)

Fruit Protection for Bananas

Ripening Bags
Protect your Banana Bunch by covering the fruit with these good quality bunch bags. Fruit can be damaged by wind, sun, birds or other hungry hunters!


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Banana Fruit Bunch Cover Blue Bag

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The blue plastic colour helps to identify when the fruit was bagged (if you are using different colours) and the silver side reflects heat – make sure the silver colour faces the sun.

Covers Aid with Ripening

When using a Banana Fruit Bunch Cover Blue Bag, you can improve the quality of the fruit as well as increase the yield. In many cases it reduces the ripening time. The ripening fruit gives off a gas that in turn speeds up the ripening of remaining fruit. There are 2 main methods to ripening the fruit;

  1. Tree ripening the fruit will give a beautiful sweet tastes, so only take a few at a time while the others ripen.
  2. Commercial growers harvest while the lowest fruit is rounded but still green. Ripen a by keeping them in a cool, dry place with other ripe bananas.

Note that leaving ripe fruit on the tree will attract the fruit bats and they can make a mess of the bunch – In that case you may be better off ripening the fully formed fruit indoors.

Using covers increases bunch weight
Banana fruit bunch bags are used extensively throughout Banana growing in Australia. One of the documented advantages of using a cover is that it increases bunch weight by between 20-30% on average. This was tested in NSW farm studies.


The bag is open at the top and bottom – simply tie the bag loosely at the top and is leave the bag open at the bottom – giving better air-flow.


Banana Bunch Covers can protect the skin of the fruit against wind damage, leaf, insect and some bird damage as the fruit matures. As the ripening gas released by the bunch is trapped inside, the bats and birds etc. are not attracted to the bunch in the same way as not having a cover.

Bagging Tips
There are two main techniques of bagging bananas.
1. Generally, once the fruit bunch is forming and the ‘fingers’ (forming bananas) are beginning to turn upwards, it is time to put a bag on; or
2. alternatively in situations where Fruit Bats or birds are a problem, the bag can be fitted not long after the ‘bell’ forms. This technique requires a bit more maintenance as the bracts must be removed from the cover as they fall to ensure correct protection and ripening.
Tying the cover on
Tie the Banana Fruit Bunch Cover Blue Bag to the stalk of the fruit bunch, above the first hand of fruit. It is helpful to make sure that water is not running through the knot on to the hands as this could increase sunburn on the fruit. The cover will be open at the bottom giving good aeration and should hang below the last hand of fruit.


Flat measurement of the Banana Fruit Bunch Cover Blue Bag is 48″ x 28″.

Thickness Gauge – 2 Mils, or 50 µm (0.05mm), or 0.002 inches.

We put quality UV protection in our bags (some of our competitor’s brands do not) – which means;
1; Our bags will protect the fruit more effectively against UV damage.
2; Ours will last out in the sun.
Australia has higher levels of UV Radiation than in many places around the world. We have developed this banana fruit bunch cover blue to combat the effects of fruit degradation that are caused by that UV radiation.

When to Harvest Fruit

If you do not want all the fruit to ripen at the same time, remove a hand of the ripening bananas often. It is the gas released by ripening fruit that is the catalyst for more of the fruit to ripen quicker. Instead of tree ripening, you can pick fruit before ripe and ripen them in a paper bag inside. Leaving ripe fruit on the tree can be an attractant to Flying Foxes who clamber over the fruit bunch to get to the Flower’s nectar – the use of a bunch cover should help limit the damage some.


Well the answer to that is easy! If you are not a commercial grower, the chances are it will make no difference which colour you use. Farmers use banana fruit bunch cover colours to help them identify when the fruit was covered and in turn, when it should be ready for harvest.

 Note** This listing is for the banana bag only – no ties or banana trees are included!


Is a double layered banana cover more effective?

According to a a NSW DPI AGFACT article there was no evidence to suggest any advantage in using a double layered (imported style) bag compared to the single layered bag.

“The colours behave as a filter of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) which are the wavelengths between 400 and 700 nm that are used during photosynthesis. The industry usually uses blue or transparent covers. Blue covers let in 73% of the wavelengths in the PAR, whereas transparent ones let in 93%. Nevertheless, blue covers produce heavier bunches because it lets in the heat without causing burns because it blocks UV more rays.” (quoted from an article published on Promusa website about Banana Bagging)

Handy Hint;

Removing some of the smaller fruit hands from the end of the bunch, the remainder of the fruit will benefit, and you should get better quality fruit as a result.

Do I need perforations?

Again studies have suggested the perforated bags are not necessary in the Australian Sub-Tropical Banana Growing Climate. These are more useful in the Tropical conditions found throughout Asia and South America, etc. According to these findings, the bags used, even through tropical Queensland, do not need to have perforations.

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