(1.3 Gal) 5 liter Tall Planter Bags

Filled Bag size measures; Diameter-6" (150mm) x Height-12" (300mm)

Black Polyethylene Plant Bags / Grow bags

Approximate Volume - 5.3 US Liquid Quart
Made from VIRGIN resin for best quality, Excellent for smaller to medium sized palms, small shrubs, Avocado, Macadamia, Citrus, etc. Premium quality Plant Bags - MANUFACTURED IN AUSTRALIA to very high standards. This is one of the most popular sizes that farmers use for growing.


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Filled SIZE is approx. 6″ (150mm) across the top, and 12″ (300mm) deep.

Holds approximately; 5.3 US Quarts, 1.3 US Gallons or 5 US Liter.

Size of bag folded flat (how you receive them from us) is approx. 5″ (125mm) across and 14″ (360mm) deep.

Thickness Gauge – 3.54 Mils, or 90 µm (0.09mm), or 0.0035 inches.


In general, orders take about 9-15 business days to arrive from Queensland, Australia to their destination in the USA – although we can not guarantee any 3rd party freight companies including possible delays. Orders will include a tracking number. DUE TO THE EFFECTS OF CO-VID19, ALL FREIGHT WORLDWIDE IS A LITTLE UNCERTAIN AS TO EXACT DELIVERY TIMES, PLEASE BE PATIENT!


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1.3 Gallon TALL Plant Grow Bag (5 liter) – Premium Grade – varying quantities


Size & Measurement

The size of the Grow Bag WHEN FILLED with mix is approximately;

6″ across the top (150mm), and 12″ deep (300mm). Holds approx. 1.3 Gallon, or 5 liter.

Size of bag folded flat (how you receive them from us) is approx. 5″ across (125mm) and 14″ deep (360mm).

Thickness Gauge – 3.54 Mils, or 90 µm (0.09mm), or 0.0035 inches.


Premium quality POLYETHYLENE Plant Grow Bags. We use only Virgin Resins in our bags which increases the quality above that of recycled plastic Grow Bags. They have high quality plastic welds so the joins are strong and reliable. We are continually told by farmers and plant nurseries that we manufacture the highest quality Plant Grow Bags in Australia, so you can be comfortable in the idea that you are getting a high quality product.

Manufactured with UV stabilizers

Manufactured in Australia from Virgin Resins and UV Stabilizers – so you know they will last usually more than 2 years even in harsh UV climates. We supply many countries with our bags and growers experience fantastic results.

Many other brands rely on the carbon content of the black plastic to protect from the sun’s rays, but this is usually not enough and the bags break down much too early in the plant’s life. The bags require the mixing of the correct amount of high quality UV additive.

Material – Low Density Polyethylene

Our 1.3 Gallon TALL Plant Grow Bag (5 liter) is made from High quality, UV treated Low Density Polyethylene.

Price vs Quantity Scale

Simply select the pack quantity you would like and the appropriate price will appear. As a rule, the more bags you buy, the cheaper they become! These bags provide a Low cost alternative compared to other methods.

Brand – Planter Bag Supplies

These Black Poly Plant Bags have been developed in consultation with growers over many years. With a vast experience in container plant growing supplies, we manufacture and supply our own brand of professional grade Planter Bags.

Bag Design

Our 1.3 Gallon TALL Plant Grow Bag has the following drainage hole configuration;

Each bag has five to six holes per side. There is at least one hole at the base, two at the shoulder, and two up the side, providing you with adequate drainage in a normal situation.

Application / Use

Our plant bags are used right throughout the world in large nurseries, home gardening / hobby nurseries and landscaping.

For smaller to medium plants, they can be an excellent choice. The 1.3 Gallon TALL Plant Grow Bag is easy to move around and to transport.

Planter Bag Supplies

Planter Bag Supplies is a family owned and run Queensland business. Our goal is to provide you with the best service, highly competitive prices and the highest quality products.


*Note: If there are plants pictured in the listing, be advised that the pictures are to illustrate the use of the product. No plants are included in this sale.

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