For organising and growing your 50mm Deep Square Tubes

Crate Measurements: Length: 510mm Width: 270mm Height: 120mm

These crates are built specifically for the Square 50mm Native Pot / Tube

Australian Made Air Pruning Crate
Built for the Square 50mm Native Pot / Tube - a deeper pot - perfect for deeper rooted Shrubs and Trees.


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50 Cell Deep Square Tube Crate – to match 2″ (50mm) Deep square tubes

Our 50 Cell Native Tube Crate contains UV stabilizers

Unlike many of the plastic horticultural products that are made elsewhere, buying premium pots and trays manufactured in Australia have the right amount of UV additive. These Trays and pots are made with quality UV additive so you can be confident they will last.

Crate Design and measurements;

Our 50 Cell Native Tube Crate has the following measurements:

Length: 20″ (510mm)

Width: 10.5″ (270mm)

Height: 4.5″ (120mm)

Matching Pots / Tubes

The 50 Cell Native Tube Crate is designed specifically for our Square 2″ (50mm) Native tubes.

The 2″ (50mm) Square Deep tube has an open mesh base, great for Air-Pruning the roots. These creates are also known as 2″ (50mm) air pruning crates.

Pot Design and measurements;

Our 2″ (50mm) Square Native Tube has the following measurements;

Across the Top – 2″ (50mm) Square.

Height – 4.5″ (119mm).

Bottom measurements – 1.5″ (39mm) Square.


The 2″ (50mm) Square bottomless pot is a great pot for trees, shrubs, grasses and many other plants. It fits 50 pots butted up against each other nicely so there is no room between for any excess water. This saves you water as most of the water that falls on the plant actually travels into the mix.

Although it may fit some other pots or may even be suitable for other uses, this would be your call to make!


******NOTE – This listing is for either a Crate without tubes included, or if selected, it is a Crate and tube Combo which includes both.

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